Aav roofing offers several roofing options for the residential client in search of a repair, roof replacement or new roof construction.

We work with residential owners and property managers throughout New Jersey to ensure a quality roof replacement or repair. There are many factors involved in choosing the right shingle, and our Residential Roofing team will work to make the process seamless. Our professionals take pride in developing working relationships with clients, offering suggestions and defining a plan of action. AAV CONSTRUCTION is a New Jersey licensed and registered company that obtains all necessary permits in all cities that it performs work in. References for residential roofing are always available. Gutters and downspouts come in several shapes, materials, and colors. Gutters can be seamless, sectional, or come with or without leaf guards. Some gutters are made from aluminum, others from galvanized steel. Based on the substance, some gutters might be painted after installation, or gutters and downspouts may come in prefabricated colors. Another great option for gutters is gutter screens. By adding screens to your gutters, you are less likely to encounter clogged downspouts caused by leaves, debris, and nests from birds and other animals.

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